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  • Nancy Pollock-Ellwand and Douglas Olson named fellows of Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, Mary-Ellen Tyler receives honourary membership

  • The European Habitat Conference in Prague, The Czech Republic, is one of the regional events on housing and sustainable urban development bringing together close to 4,000 delegates from 56 countries in Europe, North America and Central Asia, held every ten years. Tsenkova, an EVDS professor of planning and international development, was the only Canadian selected by The United Nations Secretary General as a panellist in Prague.

  • With his latest achievement, Branko Kolarevic places himself in rare company; for only the first time in more than a century of existence, the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) has elected him to its Board of Directors as a future president, a first for the University of Calgary and only the second time a representative from a Canadian architecture school has been elected to serve in a leadership role.