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EVDS Research Conference

2017 Faculty of Environmental Design Research Conference

In a globalized world, words like sustainability, resilience, vibrancy, livability, urban sprawl, public spaces, resource constraints are becoming increasingly commonplace. The focus on improving the quality of the spaces that we live and interact in is becoming of vital importance.

The Faculty of Environmental Design is hosting its 1st Annual Research Design conference to address such design issues. To be held on Thursday, March 30th, 2017, it is an opportunity for graduate students, faculty and alumni to highlight and showcase current and innovative research being done in the interdisciplinary field of environmental design. It also provides a unique platform to cultivate collaborations and partnerships with talent in the industry.

Date:          Thursday, March 30, 2017
Location:   PF 2160 & EVDS Gallery, Professional Faculties building, University of Calgary

12 pm


12:30 pm


Brodie Yyelland, PhD student, Faculty of Environmental Design (Master of Ceremony)
Nancy Pollock-Ellwand, Dean and Professor, Faculty of Environmental Design

12:45-2:15 pm

PAPER SESSION: Environmental Design from Global Sustainability to Smart Growth

Moderator: Joanne Cuthbertson, Chancellor Emerita of the University of Calgary

Marwa Hannouf and Getachew Assefa 
“A Social Life Cycle Assessment Case Study Toward Sustainable Decision-Making in Large Greenhouse Gas Emitters in Alberta, Canada”

Nabila Haque and Sasha Tsenkova
“From Cost Recovery Levy to Smart Growth Policy Tool”

Hannah Allawi
Pecha Kucha: “A Visual Journey through the Varying Landscapes of the United Arab Emirates”

2:30-4:15 pm

PAPER SESSION: Evidence-based Neighbourhood and Street Design
Moderator: Doug Leighton
, Brookfield Residential Properties

Carol-Ann Beswick and Sasha Tsenkova
“Public Engagement in Transit Oriented Development: Calgary’s Transition”

Brodie Yyelland and Caroline Hachem-Vermette
“Effect of neighborhood layout on solar potential of multi-story buildings”

Viraji Y.J. Bandara
“Urban Design to Support the Growing Cultural Diversity in Calgary”

Ana Karinna Hidalgo
“Streets for mental health: a walk through history”

4:30-6 pm

PAPER SESSION: Explorations at the Scale of Building and Object

Moderator: Stephen Mahler, Gibbs Gage Architects

Chinyere Dara and Caroline Hachem-Vermette
“High Performance Modular Housing: A Case Study of Building Envelope Optimization”

Seyed Vahab Hosseini, Joshua M. Taron, and Usman R. Alim
“The Introduction of multi-character architecture based on the principles of linear perspective distortion”

Luisa Felix Dalla Vecchia
“Affordable housing: possibilities for customization”

Susann Lagore
Pecha Kucha: “Order and chaos, how children with Autism interact with objects in their environment”

6 pm

Refreshments and appetizers provided.

Posters by:

Ykje Piera
Wearable Technology for Maternal and Fetal Wellness       

Marwa Hannouf
A framework for triple bottom line decision-making using life cycle sustainability assessment: the case of large greenhouse gas emitters in Alberta, Canada

Hannah Allawi
(Re)Integrating the Alleyway: Transforming Lost Spaces into Virtual Places.

Dorsa Pourmojib
Social equity and spatial equity in urban space

Susann Lagore
All Aboard: Public Transportation for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sabeen bin Zayyad
Future SoHo!

Jessica Theoret, Troy Hegel, Dave Hervieux, Maria Cavedon and Marco Musiani
Integrating behavioural, morphological and genomic traits for caribou conservation

Angela Rout
Behavioral Mapping: Can architects predict how people will use their designs?


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