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History and Theory of Modern Architecture and Urbanism (HTMAU) in Canada

Significant interdisciplinary academic and archival strengths in the history and theory of modern architecture and urbanism in Canada exist at the University of Calgary to support graduate research and scholarship. These strengths offer opportunities for students with appropriate professional and academic backgrounds to pursue specialization and scholarship in these areas through existing curriculum and supervisory expertise and resources in a number of faculties and facilities across campus.

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Cities, Policy and Planning Lab

The Cities, Policy and Planning lab is a research initiative facilitating partnerships with academics, students and professionals interested in interdisciplinary urban research. Through research, professional practice, specialized workshops and publications, the lab provides a mechanism to collaborate effectively with experts on urban policy issues across campus. It aims at engaging graduate students in urban policy and planning research by integrating scholarly knowledge with professional practice.

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Laboratory for Integrative Design (LID)

The Laboratory for Integrative Design (LID) is an interdisciplinary research group that brings together researchers from multiple disciplines. The researchers at LID operate in areas of overlap that exist between design, its allied disciplines of engineering and production, and other fields, such as computer science, material science, mathematics and biology.

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Urban Lab

The Urban Lab is a research group dealing with urban design, community planning, and urban development issues. Established in 2000, the Urban Lab is an ongoing experiment in education, research and outreach, and is an example of university - community collaboration involving faculty, students and the public.

The Urban Lab works with community associations, town and city councils, neighbourhood committees and other civic groups to address issues of common interest, and also takes on independent research to advance knowledge and practice related to urban design, planning and development.

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