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With two presentations and two awards, EVDS MPlan students made a memorable impression at this year’s Canadian Association of Planning Students (CAPS) Conference hosted by the University of Manitoba.

Under the leadership of Assistant Professor Francisco Alaniz Uribe, EVDS Master of Planning students are working on an exciting community based project for their final studio looking at current urban development issues in the community of Parkdale.

Build a new and creative career by being part of the first Master of Landscape Architecture class at EVDS. Applications for our first incoming class in September 2015 are now being accepted. The application deadline has been extended to March 22.

A University of Calgary architecture student never noticed much about his LRT commute from Tuscany until a time-lapse video he took of one of his familiar trips opened his eyes. "I just noticed that it was such a large missed opportunity," said MArch student Tim VanderHoek. "For the amount of people that use it and the importance that it has for commuting in Calgary, it's really not set up as well as it could be."

Calgarians are not only seriously producing, they are changing how we think about public life and public spaces in the city, says EVDS alumna Celia Lee.

Through an inside look at a series of projects authored by his studio, Martin Arfalk, Partner at Stockholm landscape architecture and urban design office Mandaworks, will offer insight into the ongoing conversations surrounding city planning and the role of qualitative public space design in contemporary urban development as part of the Design Matters lecture series on Wednesday, March 11.

Who knows a neighbourhood better than the people who live, work, and play there? During the February block week, EVDS Master of Planning and Master of Architecture students, the Faculty of Social Work and students from the O’Brien Institute for Public Health, brought an exciting new form of community engagement to the Marlborough neighbourhood in northeast Calgary.

When you talk to insiders at the Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS), there’s an undercurrent of excitement these days. Two weeks ago the faculty got the go-ahead from university officials and the Alberta Ministry of Innovation and Advanced Education to launch a new Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) degree program. The faculty will now start accepting applications for its first class of 15 landscape architecture students this fall.

EVDS students gained valuable experience dealing with real urban planning issues, joining CitySpaces Consulting to collect stakeholder and public input on a proposed project that has been making major waves in one Calgary community.

Will Calgarians really be willing to give up their single-vehicle commutes in favour of carpooling? Noel Keough thinks so, but it could take a while.