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MPLAN Students visit Grade 7 Class to Celebrate World Town Planning Day

Grade 7 students from Langdon Elementary School, who took part in World Town Planning Day with EVDS

On November 8, two EVDS graduate planning students, Adetoun Osuntogun and Madison Smith, and their instructor, Harry Harker visited the Langdon Elementary School to celebrate World Town Planning Day with the Grade 7 students.

After learning about the benefits and importance of planning towns and cities from the EVDS facilitators, the 100 plus students spilt into teams and went back to their classrooms to become the planners for the Hamlet of Langdon for the day. Each team was tasked to identify areas for hamlet growth, the types of business and institutions they wanted to see in Langdon and to identify important “missing features”.

The experience proved to be a rewarding and fulfilling exercise for the EVDS facilitators as they saw each classroom vying to shape a final vision for Langdon, displaying a wealth of knowledge about their home town. “I was extremely surprised and uplifted by the innovative ideas being shot around the classroom. Not only did World Town Planning Day bring focus to the magnitude of importance surrounding town planning, but it helped young minds consider their own surroundings and creating a future they can take pride in,” commented Adetoun Osuntogun, one of the EVDS facilitators.