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Serhan Hakgudener

  • Doctoral Student

Current Research Area

Spatial Design for Healthy and Effective Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

Providing healthy and effective wireless communication in the building environment is a challenge among design professionals, due to chemical and physical indoor environmental factors. Wireless communication systems emit high-frequency waves both inside buildings and in the free space around us. There are a variety of RF sources covering a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum, spanning 3 kHz to several hundred GHz. The microwave ranges from 1 GHz to 40 GHz and is used in contemporary point-to-point, wireless, and satellite communications. In building design, there are diverse approaches to provisions of wireless communication and constant innovation; however, the construction materials and EMW propagation relationship remain a secondary consideration. This research evaluates current power intensity levels in building environments and develops guidelines for design professionals based upon an understanding of building material properties.

According to the research site survey that I conducted in the Calgary area, power spectral densities in building environments rose to levels that adversely impacted health.

Incorporation of the guidelines and the shielding method, provided in this study would prevent eavesdropping for wireless communication systems in building environments.   

In this research, I develop the concept that effective EMW propagation can be achieved using natural architectural forms.

The results of this study have significant implications for architectural design. The design method would prevent high power spectral densities, provide better data and security for wireless networking, and create effective and healthy EMW propagation. Ultimately, I would like to see the developed shielding method in building codes and used in building projects all over the world.  

Selected Work:

———.2015. "Spatial Design for Healthy and Effective Electromagnetic Wave Propagation." Procedia Engineering 118: 109-119. doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2015.08.409.

Photograph of Serhan Hakgudener

Curriculum Vitae

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