University of Calgary

Roberto Hernandez Villarreal

  • Doctoral Student

Research Area

Social life cycle assessment, Value Chain Optimization, Natural gas services, Carbon footprint, Energy systems, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social license to operate.

My current research focuses on improvements of Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA). S-LCA is a technique that aims to assess the social and socio-economic aspects of products/services and their impacts on stakeholders along their life cycle. Stakeholders could include for instance the workers, local communities, the consumers, the society and all value chain actors. Likewise life cycles could encompass extraction and processing of raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, use, maintenance and final disposal.

Currently there is a need to increase the feasibility of this approach from a company perspective which is the focus of my research. S-LCA should transform from a demanding task to become a convenient decision support tool that enhances project planning, decision making and/or risk assessment. S-LCA could provide guidance regarding enhancement of the social license to operate of companies by means of comprehensive and transparent life cycle thinking analysis.

Supervisor: Dr Getachew Assefa





Mexico Representative – International Strategy Committee, University of Calgary.  July 2013- Present

Development of the first Institutional Sustainability Report for the University of Calgary.  Supervisors: Dr. Irene Herremans and CSO Joanne Perdue (January - May 2011).

Photograph of Roberto Hernandez Villarreal


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