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B. Landscape Architecture, MArch, PhD (Planning)

Personal Statement

With a background in a broad spectrum of design - Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Planning - and serving as Dean of a design faculty with a multi-disciplinary profile, Nancy Pollock-Ellwand is dedicated to a collaborative perspective in both teaching and research. Her research focuses on the history of landscape as it is manifest in the dynamics of urban reform, landscape design and heritage conservation.

Nancy is currently writing a book on the Olmsted Firm in Canada, and also serves as the Vice President, North America for the International Council on Monuments and Sites-International Federation of Landscape Architects (ICOMOS-IFLA), Scientific Committee on Cultural landscapes.  Most recently, she is serving on World Heritage Nomination Desk Reviews for UNESCO, and ICOMOS World Heritage Panel.

Selected Work


2004/6.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. and Preston, S. Landscape Legacies. Toronto, ON: U of T Press. 563 pages.


Chapters, Essays in Books and Editing

2013.  Landscape/Paysage Special Issue on Resilience- Landscape Adaptations to Climate Change. Guest Editor. Winter/Hiver 2014. Vol. 16 (4). “To Begin With” (pp. 11-12), “The Last Word” (p.54).

2008 and revised on-line 2012.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “The Canadian Olmsted Projects” In, The Master List of Design Projects of the Olmsted Firm 1857 to 1979  (second edition). L. Lawliss, Caroline Loughlin and L. Meier (eds.). Tranquility, NJ: National Association of Olmsted Parks.  pp.14-18 (and correction of Canadian job listings throughout document).  348 pages.

2006.  Pollock-Ellwand, N.“The Critical Divide: Landscape Policy and Its Implementation”. In, John Weins and Michael Moss (eds.). Issues in Landscape Ecology. Second Edition. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press. pp.  281-295.

1995.  Pollock-Ellwand, N.”A Homestead Restored”. In, Edwinna von Baeyer, and Pleasance Crawford (eds.). Garden Voices: Two Centuries of Canadian Garden Writing. Toronto: Random House Canada. pp. 122-126.


Major Refereed Journal Articles

2012.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Gordon Culham: Living a ‘Useful Life’ through the Professionalization of Canadian Landscape Architecture and Town Planning”. Planning Perspectives: An International Journal of History, Planning and the Environment. Vol. 27 (4): 587-609. October.

2011.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Common Ground and Shared Frontiers In Heritage Conservation And Sustainable Development: Partnerships, Policies And Perspectives”. Special Issue: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Sustainable Development. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology.  Vol. 18 (3): 236-242.

2010.  Pollock-Ellwand, N.  “Rickson Outhet: Bringing the Olmsted Legacy to Canada. A Romantic View of Nature in the Metropolis and the Hinterland”.  Journal of Canadian Studies. 44 (1): 137-183.

2009.  Pollock-Ellwand, N., Yokohari, M., Miyamoto, M. and Kano, Y. “Commerce and Conservation: An Asian Approach to an Enduring Landscape, Ohmi-Hachiman, Japan”.  International Journal of Heritage Studies. 15(1): 3-23.

2006.  Pollock-Ellwand, N.  “The Olmsted Firm in Canada: A Correction of the Record”. Planning Perspectives: And International Journal of History, Planning and the Environment. 21 (3): 277-310. July.

2006.  Pollock-Ellwand, N.  “Travelling the Route from Designation to Local Action: The Case of the Underground Railroad Settlement in Buxton, Ontario, Canada” International Journal of Heritage Studies. 12 (4): 372-388.

2001.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Gréber’s Plan and the ‘Washington of the North’: Finding A Canadian Capital In The Face of Republican Dreams”. Landscape Journal.  20(1): 48-61.

2001.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Landscape Policy and Planning Practice: The Gap In Understanding, Ontario, Canada”. Landscape Research. 26(2): 99-118.

1996.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “The Need for Holism: A Landscape and Pluralist Perspective”. in, Gordon Nelson and John Marsh (eds.). Environments: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. 24(1): 94-96.

1995.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Cultural Landscapes and Environmental Ethics: The Case of Puslinch Township’s Historic Roadside Trees”. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics. 7(2): 189-203.

1992.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Heritage Advocacy in the Cultural Landscape’. APT Journal. XXIV (3-4): 71-77.

Note: 2013-Present. In Progress. Eclipsing the Master- Frederick G. Todd and the Application of Olmsted Principles to Canadian Landscapes.  This article represents my fourth and final refereed piece (see above 2006, 2010, 2012) on the Olmsted’s Canadian work.  A book is planned based on this foundational research, to be called Out of America- The Olmsted Firm in Canada.


Edited Proceedings/Monographs

2002.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. (editor). Borderlands: 1999 Conference Proceedings of the Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation. US National Park Service and the Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation.  Waterloo: Heritage Resources Centre, University of Waterloo. 150 pages. (withdrew as editor before completion, regarding content differences).

2000.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. (guest editor). 1999 Proceedings, Parks Research Forum of Ontario: Challenges to Parks and Protected Areas in Ontario. Waterloo, ON: Heritage Resources Centre, University of Waterloo. 450 pages.

1999.  Pollock-Ellwand, N., Van Osch, K, and Nelson, J.G. (eds.) with Beechey, T., Stephenson, W. and Marsh, J. Parks and Protected Areas in Ontario. Proceedings of the Parks Research Forum of Ontario (PFRO), Annual General Meeting, April 22nd –23rd. Waterloo, ON: Heritage Resources Centre. 515 pages. 

1995.  Pollock-Ellwand, N., Nelson, J.G., and Stroud T. (eds.) Landscape Planning: Implications of the Proposed New Ontario Heritage Act. Occasional Paper #25. University of Waterloo: Heritage Resources Centre. 55 pages.


Manuals and Professional Reports

2015.  Juliet Ramsay Lead Author with Contributors. Editing by Nancy Pollock-Ellwand, Aedeen Cremin, Jane Lennon and Brian Egloff. The Aesthetic Value of Landscapes: Background and Assessment Guide, 2015. ICOMOS IFLA International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes (ISCCL). Website.

2015.  Juliet Ramsay Lead Author with Contributors. Editing by Nancy Pollock-Ellwand, and Brian Egloff. Contemporary Issues in the Aesthetic Value of Landscapes, 2015. ICOMOS IFLA International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes (ISCCL). Website.

2001 to 2006.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. and Cassidy, J. “History of Cultural Form Course Manual: LARC*1950DE” (Reader and Website as well for this Distance Course), Office of Open Learning, University of Guelph. 196 pages.

2004.  Nikittuittuq Ltd. Kekerten Historic Whaling Station Master Plan. Iqualuit, Nunavut: Nunavut Parks Department. 65 pages. (Part of Planning Team).

2004.  Recreational Resources Ltd. Uvajuq (Mt. Pelly) Territorial Park Plan. Iqualuit, Nunavut: Nunavut Parks Department. 35 pages. (Part of Planning Team).

2001.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. Community-Based Landscape Inventory. Parks Canada, Ontario Region, Cornwall, ON. March 20th. 28 pages.

2000.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. Buxton National Historic Cultural Landscape Inventory: Phase One- Data Assembly. Parks Canada, Ontario Region, Cornwall, ON. March 30th. 61 pages.

1998.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. et al. Isle of Wight Countryside Exchange Report. Cold Spring, NY: Countryside Exchange. 25 pages.  (Part of International team that authored report to cross-sectoral Island organization on Countryside Sustainability).

1998Pollock-Ellwand, N. June 1998. Blair Cultural Landscape Inventory Project. Ontario Ministry of Culture, Toronto, Ontario. 45 pages.


Refereed Conference Presentations and Proceedings


2014.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “The Completion of Sagrada Familia: Questions of Heritage Authenticity, Authority and Authorship”. Theme 5- Emerging Tools for Conservation Practice. 18th ICOMOS General Assembly. Florence, Italy.

2011.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Planning Innovations with Cultural Landscapes: Canada, New Zealand and Australia”. Canadian Society of Landscape Architects-L’Association des Architectes Paysagistes du Canada (CSLA-AAPC) Congress 2011. On the Land. Iqaluit, Nunavut. July 14 – 17; and moderator ‘Value Heritage’ session.

2010.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “The Paradox and Legacy of Gordon Culham: Professionalism of Landscape Architecture and Town Planning in Urban Canada”. CSLA-AAPC Congress 2010. Edmonton, Alberta. August 19-21; and moderator ‘Urban Forests’ session.

2008.  Ma, M. (Presenter) and Pollock-Ellwand, N. “”Reanimation of a Heritage Site: The Case in Alhambra”. Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia Dedicated to Digital Heritage (VSMM 2008), October 20th-25th, 2008 in Limassol, CYPRUS.

2007.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Exploring Aboriginal Approaches to Cultural Landscapes: At the Frontier of New Planning Perspectives”. International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) World Congress. August 24th to 29th, 2007. Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

2007.  Ma, M. (Presenter) and Pollock-Ellwand, N. “In Search of the Garden Atmosphere within the Court of the Lions, Granada, Spain: A Landscape Architectural Perspective”. 5th International Conference on Science and Technology in Archaeology and Conservation, July 7-10, 2007 in Baeza and Granada, SPAIN.

2005.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Out of America: The Olmsted Firm in Canada”. IFLA World Congress. June 25th -July 1st, 2005. Edinburgh, SCOTLAND.

2005.  Pollock-Ellwand in panel at Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA). Session on Distance Education in Landscape Architecture. September, 25th, 2005. Athens, Georgia, University of Georgia, US.

2004.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. and Douglas, D. “Collaborative Education of Practitioners: Landscape Architects and Planners”. Ontario Professional Planning Institute/Ontario Association of Landscape Architects Conference. Deerhurst Resort, September 9th –12th.Gravenhurst, ON.

2004.  Pollock-Ellwand, N., Limousin, M. and Gosselin, H. “The Rabbits Sit Beside The Foxes Here”. IFLA World Congress, May 26th, Calgary, AB.

2002.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “The Path to the Promised Land: A Terminus to the Underground Railway”. ICOMOS Canada Momentum 2002 – Cultural Routes: A Heritage to Rediscover. pp. 75-85. Ottawa, ON.

2000.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Intergenerational Learning at the Terminus of the Underground Railroad: Using Landscape-based High School Curriculum”. CELA 2000 Proceedings. University of Guelph. August 4th -6th, Guelph, ON.

2000.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Community-Based Heritage Data Collection: Incorporation into High School Curriculum.”  Proceedings of Caring for our Land and Water: Stewardship and Conservation in Canada. Guelph, ON.

1999.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. and Nelson, J.G. “Land Use History, Landscape Change and The Role of Parks and Protected Areas”.  Keynote Presentation. Challenges to Parks and Protected Areas In Ontario: Parks and Protected Areas Research In Ontario. Annual Meeting, Guelph, ON. April 22nd and 23rd, Waterloo, ON: PFRO, pp. 11-22.

1999.  Pollock-Ellwand, N., Van Osch, K. and Nelson, J.G. “Introduction to Special Sessions On parks and Protected Areas In Southern Ontario”. Challenges to Parks and Protected Areas In Ontario: Parks and Protected Areas Research In Ontario. Annual Meeting of Parks and Protected Areas In Ontario.  Guelph, ON. April 22nd and 23rd, Waterloo, ON: Parks Research Forum of Ontario (PRFO),pp. 1-2.

1999.   Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Borderlands – Introduction” Conference Organizer of International Conference on the Shared Experience of Landscape between Americans and Canadians. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON.  

1998.   Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Notes from the Plenary Chair”. What Works?: Heritage Day Workshop. Cambridge, Ontario: Grand River Conservation Authority. pp. 97-99.

1998.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Building Community and Conserving Cultural Landscapes”. Parks and Protected Areas In The Canadian Shield: Information and Research Needs. Annual Meeting of Parks and Protected Areas In Ontario.  Peterborough, ON, February 5th-6th. Waterloo, ON:PRFO, pp. 326-329.

1995.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Ontario’s Landscape Legacies: A Model for a Province-wide Inventory”. in, John Marsh and Janice Fialkowski (eds.). Linking Cultural and Natural Heritage. (Proceedings of a Conference at Trent University). Peterborough: The Frost Centre for Canadian Heritage   Development. pp. 91-116.

1995.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. and Dakin, S. “‘Landscape’: From Concept to Practice”. in J. G. Nelson, N.D. Pollock-Ellwand, and T. Stroud (eds.). Landscape Planning: Implications of the Proposed New Ontario Heritage Act. Occasional Paper #25. University of Waterloo: Heritage Resources Centre. pp.13-18.

1995.  Pollock-Ellwand, N., and Nelson, J.G. “Introduction: Landscape Planning, Implications of the Proposed New Heritage Act”. in J. G. Nelson, N.D. Pollock-Ellwand, and T. Stroud (eds.). Landscape Planning: Implications of the Proposed New Ontario Heritage Act. Occasional Paper #25. University of Waterloo: Heritage Resources Centre. pp.1-2.

1991.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Discovering the Hidden Resource: Historic Landscapes”. (Proceedings of the Travel and Tourism Association - Canada Conference). in, Laurel Reid (ed.). Tourism -- Environment -- Sustainable Development: An Agenda for Research. Ottawa: Environment Canada and Statistics Canada. pp. 43-54.

1991.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Southwestern Ontario Heritage Landscape Inventory: A Method of Data Collection, Storage and Dissemination”. in, Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Proceedings. Volume III. Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan: Landscape Architecture Foundation, Landscape Architecture Program. pp. 118-131.

1991.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Southwestern Ontario Heritage Landscape: An Inventory with a Difference”. In, Land and History. pp. 1-4.


Invited Lectures, Presentations and Interviews (External to University Classes)

2015.  Sunalta and Scarboro Community Associations.  The Olmsted Firm and Sunalta Community Development, May 21st.

2015.   Nickles Art Gallery. University of Calgary.Protecting World Heritage- Land and People, for Nickle at Noon on April 9th.

2015.  National Executive Forum on Public Property. 2015 National Symposium- Partnerships: The New Frontier.  Moderator- Real Property Development Partnerships with Educational Facilities and Not-for-Profits, May 22nd, 2015, Calgary, AB

2014CBC Interview. December 23rd, 2014. Homestretch. ”UofC Dean elected VP North America for a UNESCO advisory body”; UToday, University of Calgary. December 19th, 2014. “EVDS Dean elected vice-president of UNESCO advisory body.”

2014.  Moderator. This City in Seven Years: Calgary Spur Festival. (Daniel Brook, Author of A History of Future Cities in discussion with Rollin Stanley, General Manager of Planning, City of Calgary). Glenbow Museum – Conoco-Phillips Theatre. April 26th.

2014.  makeCalgary 2014: Healthy- Shaping our Cities; Shaping Ourselves. International symposium with Urban Alliance, Institute of Public Health, Alberta Health Services and Alberta Innovates. April 11th. Co-Emcee with City of Calgary’s David Down.

2013.  makeCalgary 2013: Resilient. Moderator at International Symposium (also Faculty Block Week Studio) called After the Flood- Resilient City Design.  October 12th.

2012.  Presentation to the Urban Development Institute. Calgary, Alberta. November 27th.

2012.  The Nexus Of Planning and Design: What Does It Mean From A Practice and Educational Perspective? Can U (Canadian Urbanists). Downtown Campus, University of Calgary. October 14th.

2012.  makeCalgary 2012: Culture Space. Moderator at Metropolitan Centre public presentation and debate on proposed design interventions. October 12th.

2012.  Panelist at Chancellor’s Club event discussing Cities as Economic Engines with Mayors of Calgary and Edmonton (Mayors Nenshi and Mandel).

2012.  Presentation to the Parliamentary Delegation Inquiry State of Victoria, Australia (Outer Suburban/Interface Services and Development Committee). Calgary, Fairmont Palliser, May 9th.

2012.  Sustainable Cities in a Global World. Keynote Speaker. University of Calgary. March 14th.

2011.  City of Calgary Library, Calgary Heritage Authority, and City of Calgary Land Use Planning and Policy. “Old Stone, New Concrete”, March 11, 2011. 

2010.  Calgary Heritage Authority. “Heritage Trends and Calgary”. July 23, 2010. Calgary City Hall.

2009.  Mt. Fuji World Heritage Nomination Advisory Group (five members from around the world consulting on the nomination package). “An Asian Approach to Cultural Landscape Management- Ohmi-Hachiman, Japan”. International Experts Conference on the Inscription of Mt. Fuji to World Heritage Status.  Shizuoka Prefecture Conference Hall, September 7, 2009. JAPAN.

2008.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “From Sodom and Gomorrah to Kath and Kim”.  Research Tuesday Talk (public lecture series featuring top researchers at the University and broadcast on Radio Adelaide, June 20, 2008).  University of Adelaide, Bonython Hall, May 13th. AUSTRALIA.

2008.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Cultural Landscape Work in Australia”. Cultural Landscape Scientific Committee Meeting. International Council on Monuments and Sites. September 28th to 30th.  Charlotte, Vermont, US.

2007.  Coordination of Community Workshop on Cultural Landscapes in Collaboration with University of Tokyo in Ohmi-Hachiman, Japan, October 2nd to 5th, 2007, JAPAN.

2006.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Cultural Landscape Conservation in Canada”. Tokyo, Japan. Japan Institute of Rural Landscape Planning. June, 2006 (translation: Makoto Yokohari), JAPAN.

2006.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Buxton, Canada and Omi-Hachiman, Japan: A Comparison of Cultural Landscapes”.  Omi-Hachiman City Council, Japan. May, 2006. (translation: Makoto Yokohari), JAPAN.

2006.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Sustainability and Cultural Landscapes”. Sustainability Cities Conference: Stuttgart, Naples and Kyoto. University of Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan. May, 2006, JAPAN.

2005.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Cultural Landscape Conservation in Canada”. ICOMOS/IFLA 2005   Meeting. February 12th- 14th, Brussels, BELGIUM.

2004.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Canadian Trends in Cultural Landscape Conservation”. ICOMOS/IFLA 2003 Meeting. October 3rd. Berlin, GERMANY.

2004.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. June 25th, 2004, “The Landscape Idea and the Case of Buxton, Ontario”. Heritage Landscape Guidelines Workshop, Ridgetown, ON.

2004.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. September, 2004. "Cultural Landscape Conservation". Heritage Workshop, University of Waterloo, Heritage Resources Centre Waterloo, ON.

2003.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “LA Title Acts and LARE: Do They Have to Go Together?”. CSLA 2003 Awards Symposium, March 1st. Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, MN.

2003.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Buxton N.H.S.: A Landscape Perspective on the Underground Railway”. Black History Month Workshop, February 21st. Toronto, York University, ON

2003.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. Heritage Day Celebrations Wrap-Up Address, February 14th, Guelph Youth Music Centre, Guelph, ON.

2002.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Capital Design: Searching For The 21st Century Landscape of Ottawa”. CSLA 2002 Awards Symposium. February 23rd. Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, MN.

2002.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. June 2002. ,"Conserving Cultural Landscapes at a Local Level". Legacy Cambridge, Cambridge, ON.

2002.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. May 2002. “Women in the Design Professions”. Women at Work. University of Guelph, Guelph, ON.

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1998.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Gréber and the ‘Washington of the North’”. CSLA Conference, Université de Montréal. Montreal, PQ.

1998.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. January, 1998, Opening Address, Women in the Profession… a ten year retrospective on the profession of Landscape Architecture. University of Guelph, Guelph, ON. 

1997.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Building Community through Cultural Landscape Identification”. CELA Conference, University of North Carolina. September 10th –13th, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US.

1997.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Community-based Data Collection”. Community Heritage Ontario Conference: ‘Continuity with Change’. September 26th –28th, Penetanguishene, ON.

1996.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Blair Cultural Landscape CD-Rom and Community Heritage Data Collection”. Alliance of Historic Landscape Preservation Annual Conference. Burlington, Vermont, US.



1997.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Planning for the Landscape Idea”. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Waterloo. Defence, August 1997; Degree Conferred, October 1997.

Professional Publications, Blogs and Book Reviews

2015.  “The Aesthetic Value of Landscapes: Background and Assessment Guide, Volume One.(editorial assistance with working group) ICOMOS-IFLA, Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes.

2014.  makeCalgary Talk. “Special Feature: The Role of Design Schools in Great Cities”.    

2013.  makeCalgary Talk.  “A Question of Authorship, Authority, and Authenticity”.  

2013.  “The Big Idea 2013. Design, Education and Health Care”.  A discussion with Avenue Magazine.  

2013.  A discussion with the Alberta Professional Planning Institute (APPI) Journal. “New Planning Programs in Alberta: Nurturing Our Future”. Winter (10): 22-26.

2012.  Avenue Magazine. The Big Idea 2012.  Community Engagement. Launch.  

2007.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. and Grosset, C. Winter/Hiver.  “Coming to Terms with Cultural Landscapes/L’Acceptation des Paysages Culturels”. Landscape/Paysage. 9(1): 36-39.

2005.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “New York City: Concrete and Clay, A Book Review”. Landscape Research. July Issue.

2004.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. Exhibit Text. “Olmsted and the British Properties”. West Vancouver Museum.

2003.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. 2004. “Le Parc Historique de Kekerten: Kekerten Historic Park”.Landscape/Paysages. Vol. 5, No. 2, page 34.

2003.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. 2003. , “Les Chefs-d’oeuvre de nos laureats d’un océan à l’autre/ Award-Winning Work from Coast to Coast". Landscape/Paysages, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 8-13.

2001.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “The Hunter’s Game: Poachers and Conservationists in Twentieth Century America.” Book Review, Landscape Research. 25(3): 215-217.

2001.  Pollock-Ellwand, N.  Fall 2001. “International Committee on Monuments and Sites”. CSLA Bulletin. 16(3):14.

2000.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “Student Reaction to 9/11”. Letter to the Editor. Landscape Architecture.1 (January): 7.

1998.  Pollock-Ellwand, N. “The Boulevard That Ate Ottawa”. Globe and Mail, Op Ed, June 12th. .

1994.  Publications listed in the “Cultural Landscape section of Edwinna von Baeyer’s A Selected Bibliography for Garden History in Canada. (Revised Edition) Ottawa: Parks Canada, Canadian Heritage. p.14.


2011.  Land Art Generator Initiative. Online exhibition of group submission called Solar Dunes (three members- Nancy Pollock-Ellwand, Canada; Mansoor Ma, Adelaide, Australia; Daniel Xiang, China) to 2010 design completion for site in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

1995.  Work I completed on the historic landscape restoration of Motherwell Homestead included in exhibition, Interpretations of Nature, held at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

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