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Michael Quinn

  • Adjunct Professor

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.


BSc (Forest Science), MSc (Forestry and Wildlife),  PhD (Environmental Studies)

Personal Statement

I am a consummate generalist with a penchant for working at the interface of the social and natural sciences.  I am committed to interdisciplinary approaches to complex problems with the ultimate goal of sustaining social-ecological systems.  Most recently, I find myself drawn to the thought and literature emerging under the banner of ‘resilience' analysis.  This is an exciting field of inquiry and practice that addresses the complex and dynamic features of our shared world.  I apply this thinking to problems associated with road ecology, regional ecohydrology, human-wildlife conflict and transboundary ecosystem management.

My responsibilities in EVDS include being the Director of Research and Liaison and Chair of the Board for the Miistakis Institute.  Miistakis is a non-profit corporation affiliated with the University of Calgary that undertakes and supports pure and applied research respecting the ecosystems of the Rocky Mountains and surrounding regions.

Over the past decade, I have been jointly coordinating a tranboundary, policy planning and management initiative with Len Broberg at the University of Montana.  This initiative promotes collaboration between graduate students in Canada and the U.S.  The initiative includes an annual field course that includes students from both universities in a week-long exploration of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park and surrounding environs.

Selected Work

Recent Projects

  • Carnivores & communities in the Waterton Biosphere Reserve: A critical analysis for management and mitigation
  • Living with Coyotes: An interdisciplinary urban ecology project
  • Wildlife response to off-highway vehicle use: A remote camera study from the southern Rockies of Alberta, Canada
  • Applied ecohydrology and ecological governance: Spatial planning for a rapidly urbanizing regional city in western Canada
  • Road ecology in the Crowsnest Pass
  • Transboundary border analysis - BC and Montana

Recent Publications

  • Valdal, E. and M.S. Quinn. 2010. Spatial analysis of forestry related disturbance on westslope cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi): Implications for policy and management. Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy (In Press)
  • Thornton, C. and M. Quinn. 2010. Risk perceptions and public attitudes towards cougars in the southern Foothills of Alberta. Human Dimensions of Wildlife (In Press)
  • Lee, T., D. Duke and M. Quinn. 2010. Citizen science: supporting the experts with wildlife observations. In: J.P. Beckmann, A.P. Clevenger, M.P. Huijser and J.A. Hilty, eds. Safe passages: Highways, wildlife, and habitat connectivity. Island Press, Washington, D.C.
  • Quinn, M.S. and G. Chernoff. 2010. Mountain biking: a review of the ecological effects. Prepared for Parks Canada, Miistakis Institute, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.
  • Thornton, C. and M. Quinn. 2009. Coexisting with cougars: Public perceptions, attitudes and awareness of cougars on the urban-rural fringe of Calgary, Alberta. Human-Wildlife Conflicts 3(2):253-267.
  • Dunne, B.M. and M.S. Quinn. 2008. Effectiveness of above-ground pipeline crossing structures for moose (Alces alces) and other large mammals. Biological Conservation 142:332-343
  • Quinn, M.S. and S. Sanders. 2008. Cost of community services study as a planning tool: A Canadian pilot study in Red Deer County, Alberta. Plan Canada 48(3):43-46
  • Quinn, M.S., C. Selvig and J. Schmidt. 2008. Considering connectivity: Maintaining critical landscape connections for the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area in a regional context. Prepared for the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area. University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, 62p.
  • Tyler, M.E., M.S. Quinn, E. Barchard, J. Cecchetto, L. Humber, C. Selvig and N. Woodhouse. 2008. Ecological infrastructure in the Calgary Region: What we know now. Prepared for the Calgary Regional Partnership. University of Calgary, Calgary, AB. 43 p.
  • Grant, J.A. and M.S. Quinn.  2007. Factors influencing transboundary wildlife management in the North American 'Crown of the Continent'. Environmental Planning and Management 50(6): 765 - 782.
  • Quinn, M.S. and M.E. Tyler. 2007. Integrating ecological infrastructure in regional planning: a methodological case study from the Calgary region of western Canada. In: A. Kungolas, C.A. Brebbia and E. Beriatos, eds. Sustainable Development and Planning III, WIT Press, Southampton, UK., pp. 23-32.
  • Quinn, M.S. and S.M. Alexander.  2007. Information technology in ecosystem-based management. In: D.S. Slocombe, K. Hanna and D. Clark, eds. Transforming Parks: Protected Area Policy and Management in a Changing World. Spon Press (Routledge), UK, pp. 62-84.  
  • Quinn, M.S. and L. Broberg. 2007. Conserving biodiversity in the Crown of the Continent. In: T. Prato and D. Fagre, eds. Sustaining Rocky Mountain landscapes: Science, policy and management for the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem. RFF Press, Washington, D.C., pp.102-116.
  • Quinn, M.S., D. Duke and G. Greenaway. 2007. A framework for assessing cumulative effects in the Crown of the Continent. In: T. Prato and D. Fagre, eds. Sustaining rocky mountain landscapes: Science, policy and management for the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem. RFF Press, Washington, D.C., pp. 215-228.
  • Quinn, M.S.  2007. Integrated approaches for transboudary wildlife management: principles and practices. In: K.S. Hanna and D.S. Slocombe, eds. Integrated resource and environmental management: Concepts and practice. Cambridge University Press.
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