University of Calgary

Keith Robinson

  • Doctoral Student


Faculty of Environmental Design (Computational Media Design),                              Ph.D. student
The University of Calgary

Faculty of Environmental Design (Architecture), The University of Calgary                          M.Arch.

Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Rice University (Houston, Texas)                                                  MS

Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Rice University (Houston, Texas)                                             BSEE

Research Statement

Knowing where you are and how to efficiently reach your destination (spatial orientation) can be a problem in large-scale spatially complex buildings such as hospitals and airports. A loss of orientation can lead to feelings of helplessness and anxiety, result in wasted time and missed appointments, and may have serious consequences in emergency evacuation situations. Prior research has shown that the configuration of circulation routes in a building can have a significant influence on the navigability of the resulting architectural space. But other than relying upon their own prior design expertise, building designers lack analysis tools that can rapidly assess the navigability of a building’s spatial configuration, especially during early stages of the design process. My Ph.D. project proposes the development of a computational spatial legibility (or spatial complexity) algorithm, based on user rankings of spatial complexity in a selection of large-scale building environments. This spatial complexity derivation will be novel, as existing algorithms for estimating spatial complexity are solely based on the analysis of spatial parameters. This algorithm will be integrated into computer-aided design software to promote early and rapid  identification of spatial configurations that may lead to pedestrian orientation issues.

Photograph of Keith Robinson

Curriculum Vitae

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