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Ana Karinna Hidalgo

  • Doctoral Student


PhD candidate in Environmental Design at the University of Calgary, Canada. A researcher in design and urban planning, Ana Karinna was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador.  She obtained her bachelor's degree in Design (2001) and her master's degree in Higher Education and Educational Research (2009) at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (PUCE). During that period, she also obtained a diploma as Specialist in Urban Environmental Management (2008) from the Latin American Institute of Sciences, Peru.  Later on, she earned a master's degree in Planning (2013) at the University of Calgary.  Her current research consists of proposing urban design theory for the design of restorative streets that promote mental health and release stress and mental fatigue.  She has presented her past and current research in local and international conferences in North America and Latin America.

Ana Karinna has worked for the academia, private sector and social organizations. From 2001 to 2011, she was an assistant and associate professor, final projects advisor, and researcher in the Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Arts at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador. From 2003 to 2011, she also was a lecturer and final project advisor in the Faculty of Communication and the Faculty of Interior Architecture at the University of the Americas in Quito, Ecuador. From 2013 she is working as research and teaching graduate assistant at the University of Calgary in Canada while completing her doctoral dissertation.



Book chapter

Hidalgo, A. K. (2008). Ecuador. In S. Fernández & G. Bonsiepe (Eds.), Historia del Diseño en América Latina y El Caribe. (pp. 160–171). Sao Paulo: Editora Blucher.

Conference Proceedings

Hidalgo, A. K. (2014). Biophilic Design, Restorative Environments and Well-Being. In J. Salamanca, P. Desmet, A. Burbano, L. Geke, & J. Maya (Eds.), The Colors of Care. Design and Emotion 2014. 9th International Conference (pp. 535–544). Bogota, Cali & Medellin: Ediciones Uniandes.

Hidalgo, A. K. (2014). Urban streets: towards a psychological restorative function. In 2nd Future of Places International Conference on Public Space and Placemaking (Ed.), Streets as Public Spaces and Drivers of Urban Prosperity. Academic Session Papers 2014 Part II. (pp. 240–258). Stockholm: Ax:son Johnson Foundation.


Panel-reviewed abstract

Hidalgo, A. K. (2014). The influence of street design on people’s well-being. In J. Carney, AICP, & K. Cheramie (Eds.), EDRA45NewOrleans Proceedings (p. 422). McLean, VA: The Environmental Design Research Association.


Magazine article

Hidalgo, A. K. (2006, December). Una visión desde el Diseño (A perspective from Design). Revista Foro Universitario PUCE SD 4, 12–13.

Photograph of Ana Karinna Hidalgo


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