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Dale Morley Taylor

  • Professor Emeritus

Personal Statement


My name is Dale and I am an architect.

I was once also a teacher, but not any more.

I was once young and foolish, but now I am just foolish

(an often underrated quality, by the way).


While I was a teacher, I helped my friends make a school.

It was of its time and it was a good one.

I still watch carefully as schools describe who they are

and what they want to be.

From their work I am asked to make judgments

as to how well they have succeeded.

I have learned what makes some schools better than others.


Now, I just practice my profession.

My profession is the thoughtful making of spaces.

As a maker, I dream of the world as it should be,

but I am prepared to act now, with the tools that I have,

in the world as it is.

This requires me to accept that my work may often be less than my dreams.


I appreciate seemingly simple solutions to complex problems 

and know how hard it is to make them look easy.

I also know the important difference between complex and complicated.

I have learned that good design needs a team,

and that a team is not a committee.


                                          * * * *

I still wonder at the beauty of nature.

I love seeing the world again for the first time

through the eyes of my grand daughter.

I consider humanity basically good, and value wisdom over knowledge.

I enjoy the company of friends, and study the automobile as a cultural artifact.


Someday I hope to build a harpsichord.



Selected Work

Selected Work

Professional Qualifications

Registereed Architect - Alberta

Retired Architect - British Columbia

College of Fellows - RAIC

Photograph of Dale Morley Taylor


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