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Jason Johnson on Weather and Form

Submitted by jwalla on Fri, 2012/05/18 - 3:30pm.

Repurpose HouseWeather is all around us. It drives the decisions we make, the places we go, and the way we build. It appears in every newscast, has channels dedicated to its analysis and dissemination, and is the lead character in countless films. The weather is our most enigmatic celebrity, equal parts glorious and destructive. It envelops us and engages all of our senses simultaneously.

Jason Johnson has focused his research and the work of his design studios on the questions of how we engage this vast and changing system within built forms that engage the formal, Weather strippingperformative and perceptual aspects of weather.

The formal aspects of weather systems are the focus of his recent installation in the Kasian Gallery. The AX2011 wall is a 30 foot long wall that explores the geometries of chinook wind formations and the early classifications of cloud formations by Luke Howard. The project was a collaboration with FLATCUT_ fabricators from Brooklyn, New York. To learn more about the AX2011 Wall, click here.

In addition to teaching at EVDS, Jason Johnson co-directs the Laboratory for Integrative Design, and is the Director of the Minus Architecture Studio. He also curates the Kasian Gallery at EVDS. He holds degrees in architecture from the Architectural Association, London, UK and Ball State University, USA.  He has taught and lectured in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

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AX2011 Wall