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The Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS) is committed to providing a variety of ongoing study abroad opportunities for its students. These range from one week field study courses to semester long programs. We believe that a well-rounded design education should include a practical, real-world engagement with ideas, practices, and precedents beyond the confines of our city.

Semester Long Program

The Environmental Design values — interdisciplinarity, sustainability, and culture —are captured in our semester abroad experiences. Established in 1994, EVDS launched their semester long educational program in Barcelona, Spain; a remarkable city famous as both a historic “old world” city and a centre for contemporary design. New in 2017, student have the opportunity to travel to Tokyo, Japan. While both programs cover the same curricular requirements, they do so while adapting it to the places the students are residing.

These semester long offerings are intensive academic programs that include a senior research studio and complementary courses based on the location of study. All students participating in these programs are required to register in the full set of study abroad courses, while also having the option to pursue advanced individualized research through an optional self-directed course. In addition to regular tuition, an Program Fee is required to offset the additional costs related to studying abroad. All travel and accommodation arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the individual student.

Participation in one of the semester-long programs is strongly encouraged for all MArch, MPlan and MEDES students. Enrolment is limited however, and participation in the program of choice cannot be guaranteed. Students must be in good academic standing in order to be accepted into a semester long study abroad program. In certain circumstances, participation may be competitive – based on academic merit and/or a statement of interest.

For more information on the Spain Program and Tokyo Program, click on the link.

Field Study Program

Since its inception over 40 years ago, the Faculty has offered a wide variety of short field study courses. Typically one–three weeks in duration, these have included regional tours as well as international trips to cities throughout North America, Europe, South America, and Asia.

The field study program varies from year to year based on academic need and faculty member participation. These courses are optional and all travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the individual student. A supplemental fee is also required to offset costs. Enrolment in the field study courses is limited and participation cannot be guaranteed. In certain circumstances, participation may be competitive – based on academic merit and/or a statement of interest.

For more information about Field Study Program, click here.


Individual Exchange Options

Students are also able to obtain academic credit for work completed as a visitor to another academic program. These are ad hoc opportunities and the student is responsible for organizing and obtaining approval from both the visiting institution and the University of Calgary. It is important to note that students may be required to pay tuition to both institutions.

The Faculty currently maintains ongoing exchanges (facilitated by Memoranda of Understanding) with several schools including: the school of architecture at Laval University in Quebec City, and the La Villette program in Paris. The University of Calgary also maintains broader exchange agreements with a number of other institutions around the world.

"My four month internship with ecoinvent in St. Gallen, Switzerland was the most memorable part of my master's degree experience. Along with 12 other international students, I worked on updating the world renowned ecoinvent Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) database to its new v3 system. With my background in marketing, I was also able to assist in the development and implementation of a creative marketing campaign that promoted ecoinvent v3 at the LCM 2011 conference in Berlin, World Resources Forum in Davos and LCA XI conference in Chicago. Being able to attend the Forum in Davos with scientists and politicians from around the world further heightened this amazing experience (Kathleen Pilfold, MEDes candidate)."

For more information on Individual Exchange Programs, click here.

The Associate Dean (Research + International) is responsible for the development and administration of the Faculty’s study abroad programs.


For more information on study abroad opportunities contact:

Elsa-Lee Alho

Finance, International and Research Administrator
Professional Faculties Building, room 2175

Phone: 403.220.7442
Fax: 403.284.4399