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Student Defences

For more details contact the Academic Programs Coordinator at 403.220.4388.

Upcoming Student Defences

There are no defences currently scheduled.

Past Student Defences

Listed below are some of the past defences.

Date Title Student Program Supervisor
2017/02/14 Sustainable branding and packaging design for organic fair trade tea manufacture in China Yuting Liu MEDes Prof. Barry Wylant
2017/01/26 Spatial Design for Healthy and Effective EMW Propagation Serhan Hakgudener PhD Dr. Thomas Keenan
2016/12/16 Water-Energy-Food-Climate Change Nexus in the Arab Cities: The Case of Amman City, Jordan Maha Al-Zu'bi PhD Dr. Noel Keough
2016/11/30 Factors Affecting Success in International Community-Based Conservation Initiatives Jo-Chun Lin MEDes Dr. Mary-Ellen Tyler
2016/11/29 Accounting for Human Health and Ecosystems Quality in Developing Sustainable Energy Products: The Implications of Wood Biomass-based Electricity Strategies to Climate Change Mitigation Yemane Weldu PhD Dr. Getachew Assefa
2016/11/28 A Spatial Approach to Biodiversity Planning in the Calgary Region Lynette Hiebert MEDes Dr. Mary-Ellen Tyler
2016/04/22 Canada's Strategic Capacity for Sustainable Management of Military Lands Delaney Boyd PhD Dr. Cormack Gates
2016/04/21 Forms of Capital in the Process of School Ground Greening Kathleen Miho Lowan-Trudeau MEDes Dr. Noel Keough
2016/04/12 Land-based Practice for Indigenous Health and Wellness in Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories Jennifer Redvers MEDes Dr. Mary-Ellen Tyler
2016/03/18 A Reflexive Legal Framework for Bridging Organizations in Regional Environmental Governance and Management Judy Stewart PhD Dr. Mary-Ellen Tyler
2016/03/04 Applying the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution to the Northern Gateway Pipeline Conflict Mark Szabo PhD Dr. Thomas Keenan
2015/12/10 A Socio-Technical Approach to Designing a Visual Analytics Decision Support Tool for Wind Farm Placement Planning in Alberta Ogheneovo Samuel Adagha PhD Dr. Richard Levy, co-supervisor Dr. Sheelagh Carpendale
2015/11/27 An Exploration of how Energy-Related Ecosystem Services Provided by Extensive Green Roofs in Alberta may be Quantified Using Life Cycle Assessment Tools Fikile Mtshiya MEDes Dr. Getachew Assefa
2015/08/27 Factors Influencing Seasonal Migrations of Pronghorn Across the Northern Sagebrush Steppe Andrew Jakes PhD Dr. Cormack Gates
2015/08/17 Augmented Experiences: What can mobile augmented reality offer museums and historic sites? Rozhen Mohammed-Amin PhD Tang Gim Lee
2015/05/19 Big Box Retail Development: Examining Complications, Understanding Trends, and Introducing Holistic Strategies to Minimize the Impacts on Communities Shirin Radmehr MEDes Dr. Brian Sinclair
2015/04/22 Optimizing Creatively in Multi-Objective Optimization Yassin Salah El-Din Ashour MEDes Dr Branko R Kolarevic
2015/04/14 Capturing the Invisible: Dematerialization and Sound Reproduction Technology John Greg Ball MEDes Barry Wylant
2015/04/13 Preferences for Urban Form: How Density Perceptions, Lifestyle and Urban Form Affect the Acceptance of Increased Density in Neighbourhood Redevelopment Ryan A. Meier MEDes Dr. Mark W. Lindquist
2015/04/02 Enhancing Green Building Performance: a Human Experiential Approach Osama Mansour PhD Mr. Tang Lee
2015/02/17 Fast Food and Presumptive Heart Attacks in Calgary, Canada Barbara Anne Dupuis MEDes Dr. Beverly Sandalack
2014/12/12 Urban Coyote Dynamic Connectivity: Walking the Line Between Structure and Function Karina Lamy MEDes Dr. Alessandro Massolo
2014/11/20 Community Development Through Tourism: Identifying Communities for Implementing a Community Visitor Management System Alexandro Dupuis MEDes Dr. Noel Keough
2014/09/29 The CAA: Contingent Histories of a Distributed Institution Jason McMullen MArch Marc Boutin
2014/09/26 Design Media Design Carolina Lopez Chinchilla MEDes Barry Wylant