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The Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS) offers master's degrees in four program areas, as well as a thesis-based PhD.



The MArch program was established at the university in 1971 as a response to changing societal, professional and institutional
transitions, the program has evolved to develop a distinctive approach to architectural education, research and practice.

More recently we have re-positioned ourselves to seriously address the contemporary challenges facing the discipline of architecture. 
This has involved a renewed commitment to sustainable design by examining design as an ecological discipline. Beyond innovation,
there is a pressing need for advocacy in architecture for better design, advanced performance, higher standards, and greater
responsiveness. To this end, we are also beginning to expand our education into leadership training.

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The University of Calgary has recently launched the Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA). This is the first graduate program in
landscape architecture in Canada to be launched since 1980, and is situated in the geographically and culturally dynamic context
of Alberta and Western Canada. Our program is strategically positioned to engage with the critical sociocultural and ecological
challenges of place-making, climate change and resilience. Our MLA is intended as a program for the 21st century - to be leaders
and to train leaders in becoming catalysts for positive local and global change.

The Master of Landscape Architecture program complements the existing professional, accredited programs in Architecture and
Planning to create a strong, robust and inter-related triad of graduate programs dealing with the built environment.

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The Minor in Architectural Studies is an excellent opportunity for University of Calgary undergraduates to explore and experience
the types of knowledge, skills, and activities that make up a career in architecture. The Minor consists of the courses taken in the
Foundation Year of the MArch Program, and undergraduates take them alongside the graduate students. The courses range from
architectural design studios and graphics workshops to history, building science, and sustainability theory.

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For almost 40 years, EVDS has offered an innovative, design-based graduate program in planning, with an emphasis on
sustainability and the interdisciplinary interaction between planning, architecture, landscape, and environmental science. The
CIP-accredited professional Master of Planning (MPlan) program is designed to prepare students for practice as urban, regional,
community, and environmental planners in public, private, and non-profit agencies, firms, and institutions in Canada and abroad.
Our two-year course-based program emphasizes the skills necessary to be effective planners -- to understand not only the legal
and institutional processes of planning, but how to create opportunities to make our cities and communities more sustainable,
vibrant, healthy, equitable, and economically secure.

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The Faculty of Environmental Design offers two unique, thesis-based degrees: the MEDes and the PhD. Natural, built and social environments are increasingly seen as intertwined, interdependent, and indeterminate, thus creating challenging conditions which must be addressed to achieve a sustainable future. Meeting this challenge requires environmental designers with exceptional leadership and visionary skills, who are able to inform, design, and manage interventions across the scales of human endeavour. Our two research degrees are designed to train and nurture these leaders.

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