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Minor in Architectural Studies (ARST)

The Minor in Architectural Studies (ARST) is an excellent opportunity for University of Calgary undergraduates to explore and experience the types of knowledge, skills, and activities that make up a career in architecture. The Minor consists of the courses taken in the Foundation Year of the MArch Program, and undergraduates take them alongside the graduate students. The courses range from architectural design studios and graphics workshops to history, building science, and sustainability theory. Click here to download the program brochure.

Upon completion of ARST requirements, students can then apply for admission into the first year of the two-year MArch program.

Important Note: The Faculty of Graduate Studies no longer accepts a three-year Bachelor of Communication and Culture with a one-year minor in ARST for entry into graduate programs.

To prepare for a successful career as a design student and as an architect, a student's undergraduate years can be used to develop broad knowledge in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, biological and physical sciences, commerce and management, and graphics skills — including, wherever possible, studio, laboratory and collaborative learning experiences.

ARST Required Courses

  • ARST 484: Studio I Design Thinking
  • ARST 423: Sustainability in the Built Environment
  • ARST 444: Studio II in Architecture
  • ARST 449: Building Science and Technology I
  • ARST 451: Graphics Workshop I
  • ARST 453: Graphics Workshop II
  • ARST 457.01: Architectural History I
  • ARST 457.02: Architectural History II

Suggested Option Courses

Although not required, it is suggested that students take the following courses prior to, or during, their time in the ARST Minor:

  • ARST 201: Introduction to Architecture and Design
  • UNIV 207: Exploring Sustainability (online course)
  • EVDS 401: Introduction to Environmental Design (online course)
  • Art History 201, 203, and 425
  • Additional courses to develop skill in art and design, such as Art 231, 233, 241, 243, 331, and 431
  • Canadian Studies 355
  • Communications Studies 363
  • Urban Studies 253 and other Urban Studies courses

Note: Minor students may spread the ARST courses over two years if this is necessitated by the requiremements of a major, scheduling conflicts, etc.

For more information about undergraduate programs and courses, refer to the University of Calgary Undergraduate Calendar.

To view admission requirements and the application process, click here.


For more information on the ARST program please contact:

Jennifer Taillefer

Academic Programs Coordinator
Professional Faculties Building, Room 2188

t: 403.220.4388
f: 403.284.4399