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Master of Planning (MPlan)


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EVDS's MPlan is uniquely placed within Canadian planning education and has several differentiating strengths:



Our Master of Planning program is a distinctly different design- and studio-based program. This studio emphasis means that students are engaged with real-world problems, with real clients, often helping to directly shape the built environment, and that 3-dimensional and spatial thinking are vitally important. Studio-based learning is applied learning -- synthesizing the skills and knowledge gained throughout the program to address complex problems at a variety of scales, and emphasizing a design approach.


As the only accredited planning program in Alberta, we are located in Canada's most enterprising city. The Calgary region is a real-world laboratory with a wide range of opportunities and challenges that Canadian cities and communities face.


Also unique to EVDS is the strong tradition of interdisciplinary learning involving Planning, Architecture, and Landscape Architecture. Students are exposed to the interdisciplinary nature of environmental design through several touch-points between programs.


Building on the strong tradition of EVDS in ecological design and environmental science, environmental sustainability is a core principle that runs throughout the MPlan program and is a lens through which planning problems are viewed and solutions are crafted.


EVDS has well-developed international study abroad semesters in Barcelona, Spain, Tokyo, Japan, and the Pacific Northwest. As well, several International Block Courses are offered by EVDS to various locations. Please consult our Enrichment Opportunities page and our Study Abroad page for more information.


The MPlan program is fully accredited by the Professional Standards Board, Canadian Institute of Planners and the Alberta Professional Planners Institute. In 2013, EVDS received unconditional accreditation for the maximum five-year period, extending through 2018. Graduation from an accredited planning program is the most direct path to becoming a Registered Professional Planner (RPP) and member of the Canadian Institute of Planners (MCIP).

Please refer to the Professional Standards Board for guidelines regarding program accreditation and individual certification.