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International Students

"At EVDS I met people from many different backgrounds. The first semester was all about hard (and intense) work, which was an amazing learning experience! Classes were incredibly dynamic and participatory, and there is a lot of exchange of different points of view. I felt total immersed in the Canadian culture and really appreciated the generosity and kindness of the Canadian people: pot lucks, field trips, and many volunteer opportunities that made me feel integrated."

(MEDes (Thesis) student Susana Garcia-San Roman, Spain)

International students follow the same procedures as Canadian residents to apply, but may be subject to English proficiency requirements.

English Proficiency Requirements

Individuals applying to EVDS from countries where English is not the official language are required to demonstrate proof of English language proficiency, prior to admission, in one of the following ways:

  • Successful completion of at least three years formal, full-time study (not less than three courses per semester) at an English secondary or post-secondary institution in an English-speaking country, which the University of Calgary recognizes as English language proficiency exempt; or
  • Graduation from a degree program offered by an accredited university in a country which the University of Calgary recognizes as English language proficiency exempt; or
  • By achieving a score of at least 600 (written test) or 105 (internet-based test) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), including at least 5.0 on the Test of Written English (TWE), and by achieving a score of at least 50 on the Test of Spoken English (TSE); or
  • By achieving a minimum score of 7.5 in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS); or
  • By successful completion of Tier 3 of the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program at the University of Calgary. A minimum grade of “B” in the EAP Tier 3 Academic Writing & Grammar and a minimum grade of “B-” in both EAP Tier 3 Reading Comprehension & proficiency and EAP Tier 3 listening comprehension & Oral Fluency are required.

No exceptions will be made to this regulation. Applications for admission to the Faculty of Environmental Design will be considered as incomplete until test results are received. Applicants failing to submit a satisfactory score will be ruled inadmissible.

Degrees obtained outside of Canada

If you attended University in another country please check the University of Calgary's international admissions requirements.

Studying in Calgary

Foreign students should familiarize themselves with rules and regulations concerning student visas, the terms and conditions of receiving financial assistance, and the laws concerning taking up gainful employment in Canada. Students should refer to the University of Calgary International Student Handbook.

For more information contact the University of Calgary's International Student Centre and/or the EVDS Academic Programs Coordinator.