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Faculty of Environmental Design Students' Association (EVDSSA)


The EVDS Student Association (EVDSSA) is a not-for-profit student organization for the Faculty of Environmental Design. Acting as the government body that represents the student interests, they are the group with the primary intent of enriching student life. The EVDSSA operates under four major pillars:

Student-Faculty Link

The EVDSSA acts as the link between the students, the faculty, and the greater University of Calgary. Here the EVDSSA strives to form and maintain strong bonds of communication and cooperation with the faculty and the university at large. Through open dialogue and a desire to connect students with their peers and mentors, the EVDSSA is always looking to support and drive the ongoing success of the Faculty of Environmental Design within the University of Calgary, with the interests of the students in mind.


The EVDSSA hosts regular social events, and they are great opportunities for students to experience life in Calgary outside of their classes. Social events include Halloween outings, holiday parties, winter ski weekends, and a year-end mixer, to name a few. When the studio life can sometimes eat up all hours of the day, the events organized by the EVDSSA allow students to kick back, take a much needed break, and make new friends along the way. Events are always open to all students in the Faculty of Environmental Design as a way to incorporate all programs and create a sense of community among the students.

Health and Wellness

Because health and wellness issues are particularly pertinent for any student, the EVDSSA provides ways to enrich the student experience through self-betterment. Through fruit drops, organizing faculty intermural teams, and even puppy therapy sessions, the EVDSSA strives to help ease the stress that usually accompanies student life. Health and wellness initiatives are always appreciated by the students, who may sometimes forget how important their health is when focused on their studies.


Through established relationships within the Calgary design community, the EVDSSA hosts networking events for students to engage with industry professionals, and for industry professionals to get an inside look at the great body of work the EVDS students produce. The fall Studio Crawl serves as an open-house, inviting our industry and community contacts into the faculty to come browse what students are currently working on and kick-start informal discussion between students and professionals. The winter Networking Event again invites Calgary industry into the faculty, offering the firms opportunities to address our students directly. It is also a great chance for students to hear the inner-workings of different design firms throughout the city.


There is much value in being part of the community that exists within the Faculty of Environmental Design, outside of one’s individual studies. The EVDSSA represents an excellent opportunity for students to get involved in a way that enriches their own and other students’ lives.

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