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Welcome to the web pages of the Master of Architecture (MArch) program at the University of Calgary. Here you will find information on the history of the Program, details about the unique curriculum we offer, descriptions of the accomplishments of people involved in the Program, answers to questions about internship and the profession, as well as information on the University's undergraduate minor in Architecture Studies.

The MArch program was established at the university in 1971, and has evolved to develop a distinctive approach to architectural education, research, and practice. Our approach engages the contemporary challenges facing the discipline of architecture through our commitment to, and expertise in, critical practice, digital design and fabrication, building performance and responsiveness, and cultural theory. Situated within the Faculty of Environmental Design, the MArch program takes a broad approach to both design and sustainability, understanding and producing the built environment in relation to ecological concerns, economic realities, and social needs. We expect our students and alumni to be leaders in the field; to date, many of them have become exactly that.

Driven by an energetic and dedicated group of faculty members and supplemented by a very generous scholarship program for its students, the Master of Architecture Program is well poised to assume an ever more significant role in the coming decade. During the last several years faculty, students, and alumni have received widespread recognition for their achievements in local, regional and national media and awards programs.

An education in architecture can lead to many career opportunities. Please check out the following web pages, and then contact us if you would like more information on the programs we offer.


Dr. Graham Livesey

Associate Dean (Academic - Architecture)

Master of Architecture Program
Faculty of Environmental Design

University of Calgary